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5 ways to look after your hair in between salon visits

Or during Lockdown.. Washing If you’ve sat in my chair then you will know that I will periodically check in to see how often you are washing your hair at home. Washing your hair too often will strip your hair of its essential natural oils. For the ones that wash their hair everyday, it’s really hard to change their minds, and I get it, we all love that CLEAN feeling but when they do finally decide to wash their hair less often and with the recommended shampoo & conditioner, they say their hair feels great. Not only that, but think about the time saved on hair wash days and the money saved on shampoo.    2.Products You go to your...

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What you should know about Sulfates

Here's the basics on what you should know about sulfates and an answer to the most popular query 'Are sulfates bad for your hair?' Sulfates are found in everyday cosmetics such as toothpaste, handwash and shampoo, it’s a cleansing agent used to remove oil and dirt. This is the ingredient that creates a lather when you shampoo.  SLS otherwise known as Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is what is considered to be the most effective cleansing agent and could cause irritation to the skin. This harsh sulfate can be drying on the hair and irritate the scalp, especially if not washed off completely or if you have sensitive skin.  None of our products contain SLS.  SLES otherwise known as Sodium Laureth Sulfate and ALS otherwise known as Ammonium...

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3 things that you can do to make sure that your hair stays strong in the winter

How’s your hair feeling?The temperature has really dropped and exposure to outdoor winter climates and indoor heat all the time can really rob your hair of moisture and your hair may look static, frizzy and dry to touch. So here are the top 3 things I recommend that you can do to help your hair right now. 1. Avoid over washingOver washing your hair will really strip your hair of its essential natural oils which help protect it, especially during the winter months. If you are washing your hair every day, you are just drying out your scalp and hair strands which will make you naturally produce even more oil. 2. Sleep with a silk pillowcase Wool and cotton can...

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