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5 ways to look after your hair in between salon visits

Or during Lockdown..

  1. Washing

If you’ve sat in my chair then you will know that I will periodically check in to see how often you are washing your hair at home. Washing your hair too often will strip your hair of its essential natural oils. For the ones that wash their hair everyday, it’s really hard to change their minds, and I get it, we all love that CLEAN feeling but when they do finally decide to wash their hair less often and with the recommended shampoo & conditioner, they say their hair feels great. Not only that, but think about the time saved on hair wash days and the money saved on shampoo.


You go to your hair stylist and spend your hard earned money on  getting  your colour looking fabulous and your hair cut and styled by an expert, using the most professional products on the market, so why would you go to your local supermarket and buy products that will ruin your look or damage your hair? There’s so many products out there that can do more damage than good. A perfect example of this is argan oil based serums, a lot only have a very small percentage of argan oil in them and the rest is filled with a cheaper oil such as mineral oil which is known to cause hair breakage. If you’re a newbie to using professional products and don’t know where to start then start now with a professional shampoo and conditioner for your hair type and you can build up from there.


Lower the heat. Heat is one of the biggest causes of hair damage, and we use it all the time.. in the shower.. drying our hair.. straightening our hair. When it’s hair wash day, try lowering the temperature a bit and save your scorching showers for when you have a hair cap on. If you use the hairdryer at the highest setting then bring it down to medium. Opt  for high quality straighteners  with tourmaline technology which minimises damage and if you can adjust the heat setting then please do, especially if you have fine or damaged hair, in which case you want to be at the lowest setting, usually 165. Blow drying your hair smooth with a round brush can also be so much better for you than using your straightening irons all the time and its amazing how good you get at it and how smooth your hair feels.


Wearing your hair up in a ponytail often or too tight can cause traction hair loss, especially if you have thick hair. This is really common around the hairline. Opt to wear your hair down sometimes or try a half up half down style with some loose sections around the front. You could even try lowering your ponytail and create a parting to stop the hair from pulling at those fragile strands at the front.  


When you’ve just washed your hair and your is wet, it is in its most fragile state and susceptible to damage at this stage. Use a wide tooth comb to brush your hair and brush it from the bottom working towards the top. Use a detangling spray to help you if you're prone to tugs. This will literally save your hair from breakage just through combing.