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Our Story

Sarah - Salon Owner, Boxx Hair.
Sarah has a welcoming personality and a genuine interest in who she has sitting on her chair. She is a Master Colourist, holding the highest level of qualification in the hairdressing industry. She specialises in colour correction and can help you with any hair colour problem ranging from highly technical corrective work to more common problems  such as brassy highlights, colour patchiness or dark bands of colour which have overlapped due to repeated colouring. Sarah will not only find a solution for you, but help to pair you up with the most incredible cut & style to match your personality and bring out your best features. On top of this, she is a qualified teacher in her industry and loves to share her knowledge and skills with her valued clients and budding hair stylists to be. Sarah spends thousands of pounds each year on training and education to be bring her clients the very best colours and techniques.


What you might not know about Sarah
Sarah’ believes that if you ever get the chance to give the gift of time to help people in need then do it. Sarah has supported hair aid in the past, which has taken her out to Manilla, teaching haircutting skills to those in critical poverty, living on the streets, rescued from sex gangs and prostitution. Hair aid has literally saved children from dying by teaching basic hair cutting techniques to help families start micro businesses to support themselves and their families.